Security Solutions

Video surveillance cameras are essential for any organization - small, medium or large, or home to enhance the security set up. These are helpful in protecting your home or office environment and to attain a peaceful mind. It is beneficial in many ways like, you can monitor on your grandparents or children at home to ensure everything is safe and nothing to be suspicious or harmful when they are alone. You can make use of this system in your office to monitor the employees to make sure that everything goes smooth around the place.

Xavy Infotech offers video Surveillance camera designed specifically for precautions to give an extra measure of safety and security to protect your place. Since it becomes accessible to the average person, these systems are being welcomed by everyone nowadays.

Huge range of surveillance cameras available at Xavy Infotech are:

C-Mount Camera(View more..)

CAMY - 5047 CAMY- 5054-T

Dome Camera(View more..)

CAMY - 70211 CAMY- 70211V

Zoom Camera(View more..)

  CAMY- 5230-Z4  

IR camera(View more..)

CAMY- 6030 CAMY- 60130- Z4

Speed Dome Camera(View more..)

EPS Series EWSJ Series

IP camera(View more..)


DVR's(View more..)

CAMY- 8004 CAMY- 7808 CAMY-1000 Series CAMY-4004/4009/4016 CAMY-1605 CAMY-2004HM CAMY-10U CAMY-3U

OFC Transceiver(View more..)

CAMY-8004J-OTR(4V1d) CAMY-8016J-OTR(16V1d)s

Board Lens(View more..)

CAMY-90212 BL CAMY-90266VM-BL

Fixed Iris(View more..)

CAMY-91604 CL CAMY-91612 CL

Vari Focal Manual Iris(View more..)

CAMY-920358 VMI-CL

Vari Focal Auto Iris(View more..)

CAMY-930358 VAI-CL CAMY-932812 VAI-CL

Mounting Brackets(View more..)

CAMY-3075M CAMY-30255M

Weather-proof Housings(View more..)

CAMY-3601H CAMY-3605H

Scanners & Pan/Tilt Units(View more..)


Baluns(View more..)


VGA & RYB(View more..)


Don’t hesitate act immediately and reinforce your home or office with the latest surveillance camera.

Types of surveillance cameras

There are wide choices of surveillance cameras available to your requirements. You can pick up the best that suits your demands.

Wireless security cameras

Since these cameras are wireless it is easy to install and can be moved easily from one location to another. These cameras are often compact in size that can be fixed anywhere and are prudent too. In addition you can attain more flexibility in this set up.

Wired surveillance cameras

If you are looking for a permanent setup where you will not change the location of the camera every time, then this would be the best option for you. You can install this system to watch a particular location like cash counter in a shop or an office or in the entry door in building to monitor whoever enters into the place, etc. You need a professional to be installed this system.

Hidden surveillance cameras

Hidden cameras act like a spy where you can keep a record when you are not there to monitor. This cameras look like other regular items in your office or home such as, a wall clock in the hall, flower pot in the reception, doll in the bed room, etc. Most of these systems come with an inbuilt Home Plug Technology where you can connect such systems in the existing power lines in your home.

Night vision security cameras

Infrared Cameras are extremely effective in the dark since it makes use of the powerful LED’s. These cameras are not only designed specifically for night time but can best suit for places where the light is less. The camera records in black and white in order to capture images best.

Color, Black & White Cameras

Color cameras are very useful to make out for the reason that the images appear in color. It is more likable too and most of us will tend to opt one. But the only drawback about color cameras are they do not work well for nighttime surveillance. Infrared cameras that are specifically designed for nighttime use overcomes this negative aspect with the ability to automatically switch back and forth between color and black and white based on the amount of light available.

Digital Video Recorder

Xavy Infotech provides the latest DVR that has encase enormous advancements in information technology, such as high-quality video/audio compression, large-scale Hard Drive capabilities and TCP/IP networking to produce the industry’s most reliable and most flexible Network Digital Video Recorder. This system is purely designed for the world of business security where large and small-scale firms can benefit from this. Currently we can provide configurations ranging from 4 to 16 channels of video that are deliberate to meet the requirements of any system.