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We provide EPABX at a competitive price with more additional features like recording, auto call answer, conference calling, call metering, multifunction integration etc.

What is an EPABX?

EPABX is an acronym for Electronic Private Automatic Branch eXchange System. This system is very much useful for big corporation. It is a onetime investment. In big corporation everybody wants to talk with themselves which is possibly achieved with EPABX system. An extension number is provided to every department in that organization and to contact a particular department all you need is to dial an extension number and talk with direct concerned person, Since EPABX provides this facility of internal calling for free of cost, it will not affect the financial status of the company.

EPBX are Phone systems, which traditionally run on proprietary special purpose computers, can run on ordinary servers and workstations, allowing telephones to work just like any other computer application.

Features of EPABX

The contemporary business race demands the most efficient and highly sophisticated methods and techniques. This is the most advanced technology in the field of telecommunication, of which an extensive number of advantages that still remain concealed from the world. This system pulls off connecting the business organizations with the world through a series of networks.

Connects internal calls:

This system facilitates to connect with internal phones of any firm without any human intervention. In addition, it comprises of an inbuilt online directory that assists in finding out any extension numbers quite easily.

Program information:

Automatic call diversion facility is possible and no intermediary is required. The calls can be directed to the respective departments or individuals by programming the system accordingly.

Speed Dialing:

The speed dialing procedure helps to accelerate dialing process with a single button thereby reducing possibilities of errors and smoothes the progress of better communication.

Greater number of calls:

It is capable of receiving more number of calls and made simultaneously at a single time. This reduces waiting time and callers can get connected easily.

Easy to use:

Since most of these systems have voice interactive inquiry functions, the EPABX system is easy to handle as it has a number of buttons which denote the features.

Music on hold:

The system also takes in melodious music while the call is kept on hold.

Hands-free systems:

This technology wires hands free headset that helps the user to be more convenient and the user can even moves around while attending the calls.

Essential for an organization:

These systems are mandatory for a big corporate to handle an effective communication. They make easy for a firm for a better and faster communication between its staffs and keep the business standards in progress.

Benefits of EPABX

  • Facilitates faster and better communication.
  • No extra cost is being charged.
  • Automatic call diversion.
  • Requires no intermediary.
  • Waiting time can be avoided.
  • Easy to handle.